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At BilkeyKatz, we believe clients should demand optimum consultant continuity, consistency of approach, and quality of service. This can only be provided when senior consultants remain directly involved and engaged in all elements of the client relationship.  Sound investing requires being in the full flow of information, from client needs to market assessment.

Dedicated senior consultants work with a limited number of clients on a fee-for-service basis, serving as the client’s eyes and ears to the investment markets.

Experience counts. In today’s world, the ability to access data on markets and managers is easy and plentiful. However, we believe the ability to assess the relevant data and apply it to client goals is the critical element for success.

Because we carefully manage the number of clients we serve, we can allocate the expertise of our senior consultants in ways that maximize the time, effort, and cumulative knowledge and familiarity with each client’s situation, to ensure continuity of high quality, experienced support.

By offering tailored and impartial support, we believe consensus can be achieved more readily and decision-making can be improved.

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Additional information about BilkeyKatz Investment Consultants is available on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at You can search this site by a unique identifying number known as a CRD number. The CRD number for BilkeyKatz is 125216.

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