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Terry Bilkey and Jerry Katz established BilkeyKatz in 2002.  Terry and Jerry had worked together at Terry’s former investment consulting firm for over 15 years servicing a large number of institutional clients nationwide. Having directly observed both the strengths and weaknesses of large firms, they created BilkeyKatz with the goal of serving a highly selective and targeted client base that could benefit from their expertise and background. Darrin Duda and Patrick Fisher are the Firm's current owners.  Our mission has remained the same over the years and is supported by the entire staff of seasoned investment consulting professionals.  

Today, BilkeyKatz remains 100% employee-owned and independent with one line of business:  providing comprehensive investment consulting services to our clients. 

Additional information about BilkeyKatz Investment Consultants is available on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at You can search this site by a unique identifying number known as a CRD number. The CRD number for BilkeyKatz is 125216.

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