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Terry Bilkey, CFA

“Many times, we’re asked to step in and be the quarterback for a team that’s been around for a long time. Gaining the confidence of a committee, when they may be under some pressure, is where we can make our mark.”

Terry Bilkey, CFA, Senior Consultant and a founder of BilkeyKatz, has applied his more than three decades of investment consulting experience on behalf of the Firm’s clients. His consulting career began with Butcher & Singer’s Fiduciary Consulting Group. After having become a partner with the successor firm, Terry managed more than 50 client relationships. Further, while employed at Advanced Investment Management, he worked on developing another alpha source for enhanced indexation. He has served as an expert witness, published numerous articles in industry publications, and appeared as a guest speaker at various industry events.


Terry received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Westminster College and an MBA from Youngstown State University. Terry has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Patrick Fisher, CFA, CAIA

"Staying current on the investment, economic, and public policy environments, and understanding how they affect our clients and their investment programs, allows me to better serve our clients’ needs.”

Patrick Fisher, CFA, CAIA, current Partner and Senior Consultant, brings experience gained at a number of positions prior to joining BilkeyKatz. His investment career began in the Trust Department of Mellon Bank. As he worked toward an MBA, a professor referred Pat to Yanni Partners, where he was eventually promoted to Senior Consultant. From there, he went to the wealth management business at Schneider Downs as an Investment Relationship Manager, before coming to BilkeyKatz in 2012. 


Pat received his bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and English from West Virginia University and his MBA from Duquesne University. Pat has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designations.

Darrin K. Duda, CFA, CAIA, AIF®

“Our mission is to lend our expertise to clients, and I enjoy that intellectual challenge. This Firm focuses on one thing only – helping the client to succeed.”

Darrin Duda, CFA, CAIA, AIF®, current Partner and Senior Consultant, works with a variety of clients to provide information and guidance on their portfolio strategies. He came to BilkeyKatz in 2007 from his role as Manager of Investor Relations & Trust Investments for Duquesne Light Company. Darrin’s broad background includes experience as a plan sponsor and portfolio manager, as well as an investment consultant. Like Jerry, Darrin also worked as a Senior Consultant at Terry Bilkey’s former consulting Firm.

Darrin received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University and his MBA in Finance from Boston University. Darrin has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designations.

Jerry Katz, CFA

“Being involved in everything, from working with money managers to consulting with clients and performing research, provides a broader perspective in problem solving. It’s important for us to be in that flow of information.”

Jerry Katz, CFA,  Senior Consultant and a founder of BilkeyKatz, has more than two decades of investment consulting experience, as well as in-depth experience on the plan sponsor side. He began his career with Butcher & Singer’s Fiduciary Consulting Group and worked at Terry Bilkey’s former consulting firm for 15 years, managing more than 35 client relationships as a Senior Consultant. Jerry moved to DQE Inc., where he served as General Manager – Trust Investments & Risk Manager, before founding BilkeyKatz in 2002.

Jerry received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and his MBA from New York University.  Jerry has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Elda Bertan
Julie Bour

“This is a dynamic industry, and SEC regulations are constantly evolving, so it’s imperative for us to stay on top of those changes.”

Elda J. Bertan is the Firm’s Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Firm, as well as accounting and client billing. Elda also began her consulting career with the Fiduciary Consulting Group, working closely with Terry and Jerry for over 12 years in various capacities, including Associate Consultant.  Elda has been with BilkeyKatz since its inception in 2002.

Elda earned her bachelor’s degree in Finance from Robert Morris University.

Julie Bour joined BilkeyKatz in January 2016 as Director,  Performance Measurement.  Working in various capacities throughout her long career at BNY Mellon, Julie brings a wealth of custodian bank experience, 15 years of which were servicing insurance and investment firms.  Julie’s various duties while employed at BNY Mellon included Risk Operations Analyst, Client Service Officer, and Conversion Coordinator, amongst other positions.

Julie earned her bachelor’s degree in Business from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State).

Jackie Low
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“The clients’ needs are most important, and every client is different, so we really hone in on meeting their individual expectations.”

As the Director, Consulting Support, Jackie Low joined BilkeyKatz in 2005, having also worked at Terry Bilkey’s former consulting firm for nine years. Jackie is responsible for a wide range of senior level duties across the Firm and is an integral part of client presentation and report preparation, as well as providing administrative and information technology support.

Jeannie White

“It is very satisfying to apply my well-rounded knowledge base and experience and see an immediate difference in the quality of output for our clients."

Jeannie White joined BilkeyKatz in September 2015 as Director, Administration.  With decades of business experience, Jeannie’s responsibilities include office management, human resources, website management, contract preparation, and other high-level projects and assignments.

Jeannie earned her bachelor’s degree in Business from Robert Morris University.

Additional information about BilkeyKatz Investment Consultants is available on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at You can search this site by a unique identifying number known as a CRD number. The CRD number for BilkeyKatz is 125216.

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